Looking For A Cheap Health Insurance Quote?

I was driving nearly 2 hours a day to a job that longer gave me pleasure. My supervisor placed expectations on me that were nearly impossible, thereby making my work life miserable. Each day, I came home with a horrible headache due to stress. I always felt tired and exhausted. That is when my husband and I decided it was time for me to leave my current job before it took its toll on me.

I stayed with my old employee mainly because of the great health care benefits I received. After I quit my job, my health care coverage continued for eighteen months. I felt like this was sufficient time for me to find another job or move over to my husband’s insurance at their open enrollment. I did get a quote from an insurance company so that I would know whether or not the premium I would have to pay through my husband’s company was a good deal or not.

I began by researching how to obtain a health insurance quote. I found out that there are a variety of companies online that act as brokers for a variety of different companies. You can fill out one general questionnaire on your health, submit it, then that information is send to a variety of different insurance companies. They will then give you a print out of the type of coverage you can receive and the exact cost.

When looking over the quotes, it is important that you read over the paperwork very thoroughly. I found that some of the cheaper quotes I received were simply a supplement to other insurance coverage. I also found that some of the quotes did not include hospitalization coverage. For the most part, less expensive coverage requires a larger co-pay or a larger deductible. You will need to make a decision as to whether your out of pocket expenses go towards the premium or towards actual medical care. Often times it is a gamble. Do you take the sure bet and pay a higher premium where you are covered, no matter happens or do you save the money by paying a less expensive premium and risk that you may not need the health care. Personally, I chose to not take any significant risks. I went with a mid-priced health care plan. Although I still had some out of pocket cost, the overall coverage was very complete. I believe there are many people who could actually retire early or work less hours, if they didn’t have to pay a high price for health insurance.

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